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iPhone 8 Plus Original Battery

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Get your iPhone 8 Plus Original battery replaced with an iCare Fix in Chittagong, Bangladesh. Enjoy an 18-month guarantee and top-notch service.

iPhone 8 Plus Original Battery.


Table of Contents

title Subtopics
Introduction to iPhone 8 Plus Original Battery Replacement Importance of Original Battery, Overview of iCare Fix
Why choose iCare Fix for battery replacement? Trusted service provider, certified technicians
Understanding iPhone 8 Plus Battery Problems Common problems, symptoms of battery degradation
Benefits of using iPhone 8 Plus  battery Longevity, safety, performance
Detailed battery replacement procedure in iCare Fix Early diagnosis, transplant procedures, quality assurance
Customer testimonials and reviews Actual customer experience, satisfaction rate
18-month guarantee explained What’s covered, terms and conditions
Comparing original and third-party batteries Differences in quality, risk of third-party batteries
iCare Fix, Chittagong location and contact details Address, Contact Number, Working Hours
Preparation before visiting iCare Fix Backing up data, what to expect
Aftercare tips for your new iPhone 8 Plus original battery Battery maintenance, best usage tips
Common Myths About iPhone 8 Plus Battery Replacement Debunking misconceptions, facts vs. myths
Frequently Asked Questions about iPhone 8 Plus Original Battery Replacement Answers to common questions
Conclusion Summary, final thoughts

Introduction to iPhone 8 Plus Original Battery Replacement

Replacing your iPhone 8 Plus battery can significantly increase its performance and longevity. Ensuring the use of an original battery is crucial, and iCare Fix in Chittagong, Bangladesh offers a reliable solution with their expert service and 18-month guarantee.

Why choose iCare Fix for battery replacement?

Trusted service provider

iCare Fix is ​​a reputed service center in Chittagong known for its expertise in repairing Apple devices. Their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction sets them apart.

Certified Technician

The technicians at iCare Fix are certified and experienced in handling iPhone repairs, ensuring that your device is in capable hands.

Understanding iPhone 8 Plus Original Battery

The issue is common problem

Over time, iPhone 8 Plus battery users may experience issues such as rapid battery drain, unexpected shutdowns, and the need for frequent recharging. These are common indicators of battery degradation.

Signs of battery degradation

Signs that your iPhone 8 Plus  battery needs replacement include low battery capacity, poor performance, and the device overheating during use.

Benefits of using an original iPhone 8 Plus original battery


Original batteries are designed to last longer than third-party alternatives and maintain optimal performance throughout their lifetime.


Using a genuine battery reduces the risk of potential hazards such as overheating and battery swelling, which can occur with counterfeit batteries.


A genuine iPhone 8 Plus original battery ensures that your device performs optimally, providing stable power output and efficient energy use.

Detailed battery replacement procedure in iCare Fix

Primary diagnosis

The process begins with a thorough diagnosis to confirm that is the root cause of the problems you are experiencing with your iPhone 8 Plus original battery.

Quality assurance

After replacement, iCare Fix performs a series of tests to ensure the new battery is working properly and the device is working perfectly.

Customer testimonials and reviews

Real customer experience

Customers consistently praise iCare Fix for their professional service, quick turnaround time, and noticeable improvement in post-replacement performance of their iPhone 8 Plus.

satisfaction rate

The high satisfaction rate reflects the reliability and quality of battery replacement services offered by iCare Fix

18-month guarantee explained

The 18-month guarantee covers any battery defects ensuring peace of mind for customers. If any issues arise during this period, iCare Fix will resolve them at no additional cost.


The guarantee applies to the battery itself and does not cover damage caused by misuse or unauthorized repairs. Understanding the terms and conditions is essential to fully benefit from the guarantee.

Comparing original and third-party batteries

qualitative difference

Original batteries are manufactured to meet Apple’s strict quality standards, whereas third-party batteries often lack the same level of quality control.

Risks of third-party batteries

Third-party batteries can have hazards such as reduced lifespan, control performance, and safety risks, making us’s batteries preferable.

iCare Fix, Chittagong location and contact details


iCare is conveniently located in Chittagong for local residents

Contact No

For inquiry and appointment, you can visit the article on iCare Fix with your contact number:

  • Phone: [01842524480]

working hours

iCare works from fixed [10:00 Am – 10:00 Pm], ensuring flexibility to customers for visits at their convenience.

Before looking at Eyecare Fix!

Data is being backed up

It is recommended to back up the data before replacing the battery to replace the report of your data to start the process.

what do you expect

Expect an advanced and efficient regime at iCare Fix, a simple battery replacement time

Aftercare tips for your new iPhone 8 Plus original battery

Battery maintenance

To make your new battery last longer, avoid exposing your iPhone to offers and software updates.

Best usage tips

A healthy control cycle without completely draining the battery or plugging in for extended use.

Common myths about iPhone battery replacement

Clearing misconceptions

There are many myths surrounding battery replacement, such as the belief that third-party batteries are as good as the original. Helping to learn to take information.

vs. myth

Mobile battery is the best choice for your iPhone performance and safety security.

Frequently Asked Questions About iPhone 8 Plus Original Battery Replacement

iPhone 8 plu battery ? Yes, if performed by certified technicians using AS batteries, this is a complete lesson.

How long does it take to replace the battery? The process usually takes about 30-60 minutes.

Will replacing the battery improve my iPhone’s performance? Yes, a new battery can greatly increase your iPhone’s performance and battery life

How much does iCare Fix battery replacement cost? Contact iCare Fix for the most up-to-date pricing.

What is the 18 guarantee? Yes, it covers any battery malfunction.

Do I need to make an appointment?

Walk-ins are welcome, an appointment is recommended to ensure fast speed.


Replacement Your iPhone 8 Plus Original Battery at iCare Fix in Chittagong is a target choice for your resistance to performance and longevity. With certified technicians, AS batteries and an 18-hour warranty, you can trust iCare Fix to deliver exceptional service and peace of mind .


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