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iPhone 13 Upper Glass Replacement

The new iPhone 13 has ensured maximum safety and precautions to reduce user-end damage on display. The iPhone 13 has a specially made gorilla glass by corning in front with an oleophobic coating. Which means that it is oily and sweat-resistant. Apple claims it is one of the toughest displays on the market. However, accidents happen. An accident that may lead to cracking or damaging the front glass of your display calls for repairing the phone.

Now after you accidentally drop your iPhone you should check the following to see if there’s any significant damage. See if: 

  • The touches works and gives back the proper response 
  • Has no colored lines or off-color spots anywhere in the display 
  • Has no dead pixel (no black dots on the display) 

You should look forward to replacing your iPhone 13 display if…

  • The phone has visible cracks but the touch still works 
  • The fall which damaged the front glass of the iPhone 13 doesn’t damage any other functions such as camera, speaker, or proximity sensor 

Here at icarefix, we have expert and dedicated technicians who specialize in iPhone repairs at service points located throughout Dhaka, Bangladesh. 

We also have a dedicated service that won’t require your entire display unit to be replaced if the damage sustained by your phone is limited to the upper glass.

We offer quick service for your ease and also offer a 30-days warranty on any service and repair you receive from icarefix. We use genuine Apple parts as a replacement to repair your iPhone 13 front glass and ensure the best service available in Bangladesh at icarefix.  


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