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MacBook Pro M3
(14-inch) Nov 2023

MacBook Pro M3 (14-inch) Nov 2023 SSD

SSD 256 GB

TK 10,000

SSD 512 GB

TK 15,000


TK 20,000

In 2023, the MacBook Pro M3 14″ introduced a range of storage options, catering to the diverse needs of users with SSD capacities of 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB. This versatile lineup allows users to choose the storage configuration that best suits their usage requirements, whether it’s for everyday productivity, multimedia content creation, or intensive professional workflows.

The MacBook Pro M3 14″ offers SSD (Solid State Drive) storage, which delivers exceptional speed, reliability, and efficiency compared to traditional hard disk drives (HDDs). Here’s a closer look at each storage option available for the MacBook Pro M3 14″ in 2023:

1. 256GB SSD:
– Ideal for users with moderate storage needs, such as casual users, students, or those primarily focused on web browsing, document editing, and light multimedia consumption.
– Offers ample space for storing essential files, documents, photos, and a modest collection of apps and media content.
– Provides fast read and write speeds, ensuring responsive performance and quick access to stored data.

2. 512GB SSD:
– Suited for users with slightly higher storage demands, including professionals, creatives, and enthusiasts who work with larger files and projects.
– Offers double the storage capacity of the 256GB option, providing more room for storing multimedia content, software applications, and project files.
– Enables users to comfortably manage a diverse range of tasks, from photo and video editing to software development and content creation.

3. 1TB SSD:
– Designed for power users, professionals, and content creators who require ample storage space for demanding workflows and extensive multimedia libraries.
– Offers generous storage capacity, accommodating large files, high-resolution media, and multiple software applications without compromise.
– Provides maximum flexibility and scalability, allowing users to store, organize, and access their data with ease, even as their needs evolve over time.

Regardless of the chosen SSD capacity, all MacBook Pro M3 14″ models deliver exceptional performance, efficiency, and reliability, thanks to their SSD-based storage architecture. From lightning-fast boot times to seamless multitasking and data transfer, these storage options empower users to unleash their creativity and productivity without limitations.

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