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iPhone SE 2 Storage Upgrade

The new iPhone se 2 comes with 3 different model variants depending on the storage size. It comes with a 16GB, 32 GB, 64 GB, and a 128 GB,256 GB variant. However, in recent times and provided the iPhone se 2 can record videos in high resolution. Where a 2-minute video may result in a big size file. You may start to think that your iPhone se 2 isn’t looking enough for you.

Since there’s no option for you to use an SD Card or any other portable memory accessory in iPhone se 2 You might look at your iPhone’s storage and think about getting it upgraded.

Here at icarefix bd, we have experienced professionals who can take care of that for you! If you are thinking of upgrading your iPhone se 2 storage, we will upgrade your iPhone se 2 storage.

We have multiple storage plan available for your iPhone se 2, come to our showroom and see which plan fits your budget and usage to get it upgraded. 

icarefix bd which has service points located around Chittgaong, Bangladesh, gives you all sorts of iPhone se 2 and other iPhone-related solutions for your ease of access.

We provide service as no one else has offered before, we provide our customers with:

  • Free Diagnostics
  • 30-days service warranty
  • Quickest servicing available
  • Money-back guarantee on applicable services

We do not compromise with quality, we aim to use genuine Apple components for your iPhone repair and replacement issues. We understand how important your iPhone is to you, and we here at icarefix bd take the best care of your phone and repair it.

So, if you are thinking about upgrading your storage in your iPhone se 2 storage or thinking about fixing any other iPhone issues, visit your nearest icarefix bd service point today and get it fixed with our professional and experienced technicians. 


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