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iPhone SE 2 Loud Speaker Replacement

The New iPhone se 2 offers its users a single stereo speaker with absolutely fine audio quality The iPhone se 2 has one speaker grill at the bottom of the phone. Keep in mind that one speaker grill is for the mic to catch your voice inputs to your calls and Siri also plays back music for you.

If the top or the bottom speaker of your iPhone se 2 is not working, you should check something before reaching any conclusions. Check if:

  • The phone isn’t connected to any Bluetooth devices or in headphone mode. 
  • Make sure the ringer switch is on in sound mode.
  • Check for dirt or debris in the speaker grill at the bottom and the speaker hole at the top.
  • Check your volume settings in Settings > Sound and Haptics > Ringer and Alerts > Volume Slider and make sure it’s on optimum level.

If there’s still an issue of not hearing anything through the speakers of the iPhone se 2 or the volume levels seem too low for it may need to be repaired or replaced. On icarefix bd, we have specialist technicians who specialize in repairing your iPhone se 2. We have service points where you may have your phone get looked at by our expert repairmen. We are located in service points over Chittagong, Bangladesh.

We offer the best service for iPhones in Bangladesh. We offer quick service for your ease of access and also a 30-days service warranty on repair services you receive. We also use genuine Apple parts for repairing and replacing parts of your iPhone. So, come to your nearest icarefix bd service center for fixing your iPhone woes. 


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