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iPhone SE 2 Liquid Damage Service

The new iPhone se 2 is not a standard IP68 rated, dust and water-resistant phone. Which means it can not resist dust and water coming into it. However, it can resist certain levels of water. Apple has introduced a new technology called LCI. LCI is an abbreviation for liquid contact indicator. It is located in the sim tray region. Now you can see the LCI when you remove the sim tray, buy putting the ejector pin into the sim tray ejection hole. Once you have removed the sim tray, you should see a white/red portion inside the sim tray region. That is your LCI on the iPhone. If the LCI is completely white or silver then it is okay. The phone hasn’t contacted any water. However, if your LCI turns red you can safely assume that it has been in touch with water and has taken in some water damage.

If you have dropped your phone in the water here are some basic things you should do:

  • Rinse your phone with a lens cloth or a microfiber cloth
  • You may gently tap the phone with the charger hole against your hand. It may drip the water out if it has gotten in there
  • Never charge your phone until you have made sure it is completely dry.
  • If anything spills on your phone other than water (like oil etc.) just rinse the place with a lint-free cloth

If water has gotten into your phone, it may damage your Battery, Charging port, or give you muffled speakers. Here at icarefix bd, we have professional and dedicated technicians who specialize in fixing the problems in your iPhones. icarefix bd is located in service points across Chittagong, Bangladesh. We at icarefix bd, offer our customers quick repair service for their ease of access.

On top of that, we offer our customers a 30-days warranty based on applicable iPhone repairing services. We do not compromise with our quality. Hence, we use genuine apple products to repair and replace problems and issues on your smartphone. So visit your nearest icarefix bd service center today to fix your iPhone’s issues without any worries. 


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