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iPhone SE 2 Home Button Fixing

The Home button is a very important part of your iPhone se 2. It works as a key button which also serves the purpose of a fingerprint scanner built within. The functionality of this button is essential to operate your iPhone se 2. However, like all the other technological appliances, the home button of the iPhone se 2 also runs the risk of getting crooked. In this scenario, a user may end up with an unresponsive, dead, or stuck home button on their iPhone.

The most common Home button issues faced by general iPhone users are:

  • The Home button of the iPhone se 2 does not register clicks
  • Holding down the iPhone home button doesn’t initiate Siri
  • iPhone home button cannot be clicked, because it is stuck/jammed
  • Home button causes difficulties in the charging dock

These issues however can be resolved at home if you are lucky. Those DIY (Do It Yourself) fixes however are:

  • Restart your iPhone
  • Perform a soft reset on your iPhone. By holding the home and power button together. If that does not work the button is damaged.
  • Use the assistive touch to work as the home button for the time being.
  • (Turn on assistive touch: Settings > General > Accessibility)

These are however pretty basic fixes and if it doesn’t resolve your iPhone se 2 home button issue, you may need to get it checked by professional repair technicians.

This is where icarefix bd comes in, icarefix bd is a prominent iPhone servicing center that has 4 different service points ranging in Chittagong, Bangladesh. We have dedicated and experienced technicians who specialize in repairing iPhones.

We offer service benefits as no one else can, we provide our customers with:

  • Free error diagnostics
  • Quick service in possible repair jobs
  • 30-days warranty on applicable services
  • Money-Back Guarantee on special circumstances

We understand how important your iPhone is to you, so try to use genuine Apple parts for all your iPhone repair and restore services. We do not compromise with our quality.

So, visit your nearest icarefix bd service point today with your iPhone se 2 home button issue or any other iPhone issue for that matter. 


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