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iPhone SE 2 Charging Issues

The new iPhone se 2 has a beautiful battery that is optimized for using it for a reasonable amount of time. However, most of the users have complained the iPhone 6 charges very slowly in comparison to other smartphones on the market with almost the same range.

The most common issues iPhone se 2 users faces are as follows:

  • The iPhone se 2 charges slowly or not at all
  • An alert that shows that the accessory you are using to charge the iPhone is not certified or supported


These are the most reported issues for an iPhone se 2 with faulty charging. You may try some Home fixes that may resolve the issues

  • Change the wall adapter or the port the phone is being charged in if it doesn’t charge at all.
  • Check if there is no debris or dirt in both the charging dock and the charging brick.
  • Make sure the USB is connected firmly on both ends.
  • Check the charging brick or the lightning cable for visible signs of damage. Example: Bent pin, loose cable, etc
  • Make sure you have no damage in your charging dock if unsupported device warning shows.

If none of the fixes seem to work for resolving your iPhone se 2 charging issues. You may need to get it looked at by professionals. Here at Icarefix bd, we have dedicated and experienced technicians who have expertise in resolving issues regarding iPhones. Our icarefix bd service points are located in Chittagong, Bangladesh. We care about you and understand that your phone is very important. That is why we offer quick service for your ease of access. We also offer a 30-days service warranty for applicable services. 

We do not compromise with our quality. Therefore, we use genuine apple products to repair and resolve your iPhone se 2 charging issues. So, visit your nearest icarefix bd service point to resolve your iPhone se 2 charging issues. 


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