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iPhone 6 Ear Speaker Replacement

The new iPhone 6 offers a new mono speaker setup to its users. Consisting of one speaker at the bottom. The earpiece is at the top of the iPhone The earpiece of the iPhone 6 is used the most. Because it is used as both an audio playback speaker and the earpiece of your phone while making phone calls in it. This high level of usage can be a reason to create wear and tear on that speaker very quickly and may cause it to cease functioning properly. 

If the earpiece/ ear speaker of your iPhone 6 stops working or produces sounds on lower levels you should check some of the factors that might be the reason behind it. Which are:

  • Check if your ringer switch is on
  • Check if your volume levels are in an optimum range
  • Check if you have a noise-canceling feature on in iPhone turned on. Try turning it off and see if it returns your phone to normal audio levels
  • Check the settings at > Accessibility > Audio/Visual > Phone Noise Cancellation
  • Sometimes the speaker may have debris or dirt in it. Causing it to cease properly functioning properly. Cleaning it may also resolve the issue

If none of the procedures resolve the issue regarding your ear speaker issue you may need to get it looked at it by professionals. Here at icarefix bd, we have experienced repairmen who specialize in repairing and resolving issues regarding your iPhone 6. We have service points located in Chittagong, Bangladesh. 

We also offer quick service and on top of that a 30-days service warranty on applicable services. We use genuine Apple parts to repair and replace your problems with your iPhone. So visit the best iPhone servicing center in all of Bangladesh for your iPhone 6 today! 


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