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iPhone 6 Cleaning Service

If you have dirt, dust, or debris on your iPhone it may get in the way of the functionality of your phone, for example

  • Dirt Can damage your speakers therefore you might get very low audio output
  • Dirt can get in your charging dock and can cause interruptions in charging
  • Dirt can cause your iPhone camera lens to be damaged or to be foggy
  • Dust may get in your iPhone which can sit and slow down other components, take space in free areas and cause heating issues in your phone. Which may result in poor performance, and slow your phone down

So, you must get your iPhone cleaned once in a while after getting repair service, or if your think you need to get your iPhone cleaned.

icarefix bd offers an iPhone cleaning service for a very reasonable cost. icarefix bd is a prominent Apple servicing center that specializes in iPhone fixes and replacements. icarefix bd is located on Chittagong, Bangladesh. 

We provide various repair and restore issues of your iPhone alongside iPhone cleaning. We provide service benefits that no one else can provide, we give our customers:

  • Free error diagnostics
  • Quick servicing benefits for applicable services
  • 30-days servicing warranty on applicable services
  • Money-Back Guarantee on possible circumstances

We understand that your iPhone is very important to you, so we aim to use genuine Apple parts and accessories for the repair and restore services you may want to avail of. We do not compromise with our quality.

So, visit your nearest icarefix bd servicing center to clean your iPhone 6 and avail yourself of the other services you need today! 


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