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iPhone 15 pro Network Problem

The iPhone 15 Pro comes with upgraded network connectivity than the previous iPhone models and supports 5G network connectivity. Despite these technological advancements from the previous iPhone models, users have reported issues regarding the iPhone 15 Pro network connectivity. Such as loss in the network, prompt disconnections, inability to find or locate the network.

The most common issues however are often discussed upon Apple’s user forum and the most common problems found regarding network in iPhone 15 Pro are:

  • iPhone 15 Pro gets down to 0 network bars randomly
  • Network quality drops from 5G,4G,3G.
  • Cannot access metered/Cellular internet connection through Carrier or the SIM Company
  • Network never reaches the full level

These common issues however can be a network receptor hardware glitch of the iPhone 15 Pro. To resolve these Apple recommends its iPhone 15 Pro users some DIY (Do it yourself) fixes as a home remedy, such as:

  • Toggle Airplane Mode on and off to reset the previous network settings and cache.
  • Remove your sim card and reinstall it again. (requires a restart of the device)
  • Set up the internet for your phone if you’re facing internet issues through the network for the first time.
  • To set up go to Settings > Mobile Data > Mobile Data Network 


  • Insert APN (Access Point Name) provided by your carrier 
  • Insert Username (provided by your carrier)
  • Insert Password (provided by your carrier)
  • Save the settings by pressing the left arrow at the top.
  • Make sure your Data connection is on after setting up the network before you access the internet.
  • Install carrier update for your iPhone (Check-in Settings > General > About)
  • Restart your iPhone 
  • Soft reset your iPhone

If none of the solutions work for your iPhone, you might need your phone to get checked by a professional technician. Here at icarefix bd, we have dedicated and experienced technicians who specialize in resolving your network issues in your iPhone 15 Pro. icarefix bd has service points which are located in points around Chittagong, Bangladesh.

We offer service for your iPhone like no one else does. We provide our customers with…

  • Free error diagnostics
  • Quick servicing
  • 30-days warranty on applicable repair and replacement services
  • Money-back guarantee on applicable circumstances

So, visit your nearest icarefix bd service point with your network issue of iPhone 15 Pro or any issues on any iPhone model for that matter. And we guarantee, you’ll get the best repair service available. 

We aim to use genuine Apple products for your repairs and replacements. 


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