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iPhone 14 Pro Max No Modem Firmwares

It is quite frustrating when you see there’s no network bar/ Wi-Fi signal strong enough near you. We use our phones mostly to stay connected with others most of the time, and problems like that keep us from staying connected.

You may face a similar kind of problem with your iPhone 14 Pro Max. It usually happens after a faulty or uncompleted update where you might see that:

  • There’s no network bar available at the top of the display. Restarting or reinstalling the SIM card doesn’t help. There is always “Searching” shown on the network bar
  • There are no Cellular connections available for your phone. You can’t turn on, discover, or connect to available wireless Hotspot networks available near you through your iPhone 14 Pro Max
  • You can’t connect to your Bluetooth devices like Apple Watch, Bluetooth headphones, and stereo speakers through your phone. It appears that you cannot connect to anything wireless through your iPhone 14 Pro Max.

If you are facing this issue go to 

Settings > General > About and see if you find information regarding IMEI, Bluetooth location, Modem Firmware, etc. If there is nothing there then you have an issue with the modem firmware.

There are no DIY fixes available for this issue. You are going to be needed to take your iPhone 14 Pro Max to an expert repair technician to resolve the “No modem firmware” issue.

Here at icarefix bd, we have dedicated and experienced technicians who specialize in resolving this issue in your iPhone 14 Pro Max and other issues regarding your iPhone. icarefix bd is located in 4 different service points around icarefix, Bangladesh.

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We also aim to use genuine apple products for your repair and replacement issues on your iPhone 14 Pro Max or any other iPhone model for that matter. So, visit your nearest icarefix bd service point to avail our best services today.


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