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Charging Dock Replacement​

However, after using the phone for a long time or by accident; your charging dock of the phone may get faulty or damaged, and you might need to get it replaced.

The most common issues with the iPhone 14 Pro Max charging dock are:

  • The battery charges very slowly 
  • iPhone 14 Pro Max is not charging beyond 80% 
  • Charging Not available or Liquid has been detected in the charging port error 
  • The charging dock can’t be connected to a USB-supported device through a lightning cable 

If your phone has any one of these issues or something not mentioned in the list of common issues. You will still like to check out this DIY (Do it yourself) fixes that may solve the problem regarding the charging dock in your iPhone 14 Pro Max.

  • Make sure you don’t have any debris or dirt on your charging dock. This may prevent charging 
  • Make sure your power outlet isn’t faulty
  • If your phone is wet, wait until it is dry to charge your phone 
  • Make sure you do not have the “optimized battery charging” option checked on your iPhone 14 Pro Max. if you do have it, make sure to disable it to charge your phone past 80% 

Disable optimized Charging here: Settings > Battery > Battery Health. Note: This option is only available on iOS 13 or later updates.

If none of the fixes cut it for you, you may need to get your phone looked at by professionals. Here at icarefix, we have dedicated and experienced technicians who specialize in repairing this type of issue on iPhones. icarefix is located at service points around Chittagong, Bangladesh. We also offer quick service for your ease of access and a 30-day service warranty on applicable services.

We do not compromise the quality of our services. Therefore, we use genuine Apple products for replacing or repairing your iPhone 14 Pro Max charging dock issue. Please visit your nearest icarefix service point today to fix your iPhone 14 Pro Max charging dock or any other issues. 


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