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iPhone 13 Pro Max Stuck On Logo

The iPhone 13 Pro Max offers its users better optimization and balance in software than the previous iPhone models. However, no matter hard they try there can always be some technical issues that can result in your iPhone malfunctioning. The Apple logo stuck issue was also found in previous iPhones and it’s a frustrating issue. Your iPhone boots up, but instead of going to the home screen, it is stuck on the boot menu. This problem happens mainly/most of the time because of a software issue that happens due to an unclean or interrupted update.

This Stuck on Apple logo issue might happen in other instances too. Possible reasons might be:

  • The iPhone has taken in some physical damage. (Dropping from hand)
  • Update was disrupted due to Wi-Fi disturbance/metered connection or cellular data loss.
  • A third-party app may have access to vital permissions that can disrupt iPhones’ productivity.
  • It is rare, however, your phone might be facing a hardware issue. Sometimes faulty hardware prevents the phone from booting up.

These issues however can be resolved if it is just a bug or a glitch in the iOS software. You may try these following steps and see if it works for you

  • Force Restart your iPhone 13 Pro Max Update your iOS Software. 

   (If, while in the progress of updating your software, the progress bar under the Apple logo has not moved for an hour, You may connect your iPhone to a PC and select “Update” when prompted)

  • Remove all third-party apps from your phone. Install Apps only from iStore.
  • Turn off the auto-update of your iOS apps to prevent further interruptions. BUT BE SURE TO UPDATE THEM ON A REGULAR BASIS MANUALLY.

If none of the fixes above work, for you. You might have an issue that needs the touch of a professional iPhone technician.

Here at icarefix bd, we have dedicated and experienced technicians who specialize in fixing iPhones. icarefix bd is a prominent iPhone servicing center that is located in locations around Chittagong, Bangladesh.

We offer service benefits for Apple logo issues for your iPhone 13 Pro Max . Not only will we provide the best available service for you, but you can also avail

  • Free Diagnostics
  • 30-days service warranty
  • Quickest servicing available
  • Money-back guarantee on applicable services

We understand how important your iPhone is to you, so to ensure top-notch quality we try to provide your servicing needs with original apple parts and accessories. We do not compromise with our quality.

So, visit your nearest icarefix bd service point to avail the best iPhone servicing available to you for your iPhone 13 Pro Max “Stuck on apple logo” issue or any other iPhone issues for that matter. 


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