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Battery Replacement

The iPhones have always provided their users with optimal specifications that perform up to expectation. One of the key features of the latest iPhone 13 Pro is the battery. The iPhone 13 Pro’s battery sits perfectly with the phone and gives its users the perfect experience. 

The iPhone 13 Pro offers a non-removable Lithium-Polymer battery that provides 3095 mAh.

Although the iPhone provides an excellent battery, it will drain in time with wear and tear as the user uses it. They may face some issues with the phone’s battery. The possible battery issues on the iPhone 13 Pro that a user may face are: 

  • Charge Drain: Sometimes the battery of the iPhone 13 Pro drains faster than it should. Or sometimes the battery drains drastically in standby mode. This is a common issue reported by users after some period of prolonged usage. 
  • Sudden Shutdown of Phone: Sudden Shutdown of Phone when battery percentage reaches 20: Some users report that their phone dies suddenly when the battery reaches 20%. This might be because your battery is old and swollen and needs to be replaced. 
  • Battery Health Reduces Quickly: A common issue of Battery problems regarding the iPhone 13 Pro is that the general Battery Health reduces too quickly. Our expert technicians can fix this issue with your phone efficiently.
  • Increase in Battery Thickness: The iPhone 13 Pro battery gets swollen/ increases in thickness after using it for an extended period of time. When a battery gets swollen, it runs the risk of damaging the phone. It should be replaced immediately because it is also a sign that the battery has run its course. 


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