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iPhone 13 No Light On Display Issues

The new iPhone 13 offers one of the best displays consisting of a retina display and a significantly high DPI. Not all damage in display comes from dropping the device from the hands and shattering it. Some users of the iPhone 13 have reported a sudden black screen without any prior damage history. The No light on Display issue of the iPhone 13 is where the user can’t see what’s happening on the phone. The phone runs okay. The phone vibrates and the user can hear the notification sounds and other inputs. But the problem is they can not see any of it because the phone display is just plain black. But the phone will respond or might even have incoming calls.

The key symptoms of the “No light on Display” issues are:

  • The Phone display boots up with an Apple logo but doesn’t get past the black screen
  • The phone has calls, notifications but doesn’t show anything on display
  • iPhone can charge (you can hear the sound that the phone makes while charging) but won’t show anything on the display

This “No light on display” is usually an internal issue with the LCD connector. However, Apple recommends some processes to practice on your phone to make sure the black screen is not a software glitch.

  • Force Restart your iPhone
  • Connect the lightning cable, charge it for 10 minutes. Then try force restarting the iPhone
  • UNCONVENTIONAL: But press the screen into the phone so it may reconnect any dislodged LCD connector. This fix is not recommended however it resolved a lot of the user’s Black Display issue

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