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iPhone 12 Pro Max Audio Issues

The iPhone 12 Pro Max is one of the best phones in the market, considering its audio output quality. It has a dual stereo speaker with noise cancellation and spatial audio features.

It has two speaker grills in the bottom part of the phone. It should be kept in mind that, the left speaker grill is not a speaker but instead it is there to catch audio inputs for your voice calls and Siri. The audio-only comes out of the right speaker grill and it is not a faulty feature. The two speakers of the iPhone 12 Pro Max are located on the top and the bottom of the phone. The top speaker also serves its purpose as an ear speaker when in calls.

However, some users have reported a lot of different audio issues. The most common audio issues faced by iPhone 12 pro Max users are:

  • No sound in audio playback
  • No sound in voice calls
  • Distorted sound/Low sound on the speakers
  • Headphones not working
  • Audio not working or audio levels low after an update.
  • Phone stuck in Headphone mode
  • Ringer Switch not working/ Audio level increases or decreases automatically/ Physical audio level buttons not working.

These issues are the most common audio issues reported by users in the Apple support forum. There are some “Do it yourself” fixes available and advised to be attempted as a “first aid” for your audio issues by Apple professionals and users. Those are:

  • Checking the ringer switch to see if it is on the sound mode
  • Restarting Your Phone
  • Disabling your Bluetooth in the iPhone 12 Pro Max
  • Check if your phone is in DND (Do not disturb) mode
  • Check sound notification settings and try turning noise cancellation off.
  • Try using headphones and check if the sounds come okay in headphones.
  • Try removing any protective cases
  • Clean the speaker grills for dirt and debris

if none of the fixes works for your phone you need to get it checked by professional technicians who specialize in repairing iPhones. In icarefix bd, we have experienced technicians who specialize in repairing iPhone 12 Pro Max. Our service points are located at locations in Chittagong, Bangladesh. We also offer quick service for your ease of access and on top of that, a 30-days warranty on applicable services you receive from icarefix bd.

We do not compromise your phone’s well-being and use genuine Apple parts for the repair and replacement of your iPhone issues. Visit your nearest icarefix bd service point for fixing your iPhone 12 Pro Max audio or any other issues.


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