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iPhone 12 Mini Face ID Issues

The Face ID feature uses the true depth, dual front cameras provided with the iPhone as the basic instrument for this feature. It also emits an infrared laser to convert your distinct and unique facial features into geometrical and mathematical data for the iPhone. 

Face ID is a very complex technology, and users might often misinterpret one of its features as an error in the technology. Here are some common issues regarding the iPhone’s Face ID feature.

  • Face not recognized 
  • Face ID is not available at the moment 
  • Move the camera a bit lower/higher 
  • Upon Unlocking iPhone directly takes me into Passcode and not Face ID 

These common issues, however, have some home remedies which may work for your iPhone. These fixed attempts are risk-free and do not risk damaging your phone.

  • Check if your face ID is on for iPhone Unlock. Go to: Settings > Face ID and Passcode 
  • if you use a screen protector, make sure it doesn’t obstruct the front camera in any way. 
  • Make sure you are facing the camera and nothing is covering or obstructing between your face and camera region
  • Restart your phone. Make sure there is no dirt or your front camera lens is not foggy 
  • Update your iOS to the latest version 

If your phone doesn’t unlock with Face ID, instead prompt with a passcode. The reasons may be:

  • User might be wearing a face mask while opening the iPhone
  • The user may have just restarted the device
  • The phone has not been unlocked in more than 48 hours
  • The passcode has not been used to unlock the phone in the last 7 days 
  • The device has not been unlocked with face ID in the last 4 hours 
  • The iPhone has a remote lock on and is away from a safe space 
  • If a user fails to unlock the device after five unsuccessful face ID unlock attempts 
  • If at Face ID set up, your iPhone shows or tells you to move the device lower or higher. Chances are that the Device does not support face ID at all 

If your iPhone 12 mini Face ID problems can’t be categorized and sorted by the above-mentioned issues and fixes, you may just need to take it to an extremely diligent iPhone technician to deal with Face ID issues.

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