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iPhone 12 Back Glass Replacement

The new iPhone 12 has a glass back finish like most of the previous iPhones released by Apple in the market. It has a frosted matte finish which looks sleek and stylish. Not only that, but it is also scratch and oil resistant.

However, even after having a Gorilla glass in the back and IP certified, it is still vulnerable to damages by insecure actions by its users such as dropping it from hand or any other form of accidents. The Most Common back glass damage in iPhone 12 is the back glass getting cracked. Apple introduced and installed the back glass in iPhones even after knowing that the phones shall be vulnerable to damage. They did it because of the wireless charging feature. Glass back increases conductivity for your iPhone to charge wirelessly.

Signs that indicate you should repair your iPhone 12 back glass are:

  • Scratched up/ Multiple visible scratches
  • Shattered glass / small glass parts coming out of the back

One of the three is a reason that you should repair the back glass of your iPhone 12 as soon as possible. Broken back glass in an iPhone not only hampers a full flowing wireless charging but also hampers the overall iPhone experience.

On icarefix bd, we have experienced professionals who specialize in iPhone repairing services in service points located in Chittagong, Bangladesh. We offer the fastest reliable service for your ease and on top of that a 30-days warranty on all of our services on iPhone 12. We also offer genuine Apple parts for replacing or repairing your iPhone woes.

Also, always use a protective cover/phone case with safety certification from the vendors. A phone case or protector reduces the chances of your front or back glass getting cracked in an accidental fall significantly.


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