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iPhone 11 Wireless Charging Issues

The new iPhone 11 comes with the extraordinary feature of wireless charging. Apple has introduced wireless charging on their iPhones since the iPhone 8 models.

Apple claims that iPhone 11 should not charge slowly on wireless pads so there’s a clear indication that something is wrong somewhere.

The most common iPhone 11 wireless charging issues are:

  • The phone does not charge when placed on a Qi-PAD, doesn’t show the charging notification
  • Phone charges very slowly on Wireless Qi-PAD
  • Phone heats up excessively while charging wirelessly.
  • Sometimes while charging wirelessly, you might have difficulties using the internet or getting calls from somebody.

These issues are found in Apple communities and are the most talked over issues regarding wireless charging. Apple has prescribed some DIY (Do it yourself) fixes for you to try and resolve your iPhone 11 wireless charging issues.

  • Restart your iPhone. Sometimes a simple restart resolves many dire issues of your phone
  • Disable Optimized battery charging. Optimized battery charging reads the usage pattern of your iPhone and charges iPhone slowly when you do not use it.

(Disable optimized battery charging from Settings > Battery > Battery Health > Turn off Optimized battery charging by flicking the switch)

  • Make sure the iPhone casing you use supports wireless charging. If not make sure you remove the cover before wireless charging your iPhone 11.
  • Update your iOS.
  • Check how many watts your wireless charging pad can provide; iPhone 11 won’t fast charge without an 18W compatible Qi-Charging Pad.
  • Make sure there’s nothing wrong with your battery in the first place by charging it with a wired charger connection.

If none of the fixes work for you, mentioned above, you might as well take your iPhone 11 to an experienced iPhone repair technician.

That is where icarefix bd comes in. icarefix bd is an Apple servicing center that specializes in iPhone repairs and fixes. We have dedicated and experienced technicians who specialize in all things related to iPhone fixes and issues. We also have service points in 4 different locations of Chittagong Bangladesh.

We offer service benefits as no one else does. We offer our customers:

  • Free error diagnostics
  • Quick service on applicable services.
  • 30-days service warranty. Money-back guarantee on available situations

We understand how important your iPhone is to you, so we aim to use genuine Apple parts for all your repair and restoration needs of your iPhone 11.

So, visit your nearest icarefix bd service point today and fix all issues regarding wireless charging on iPhone 11 or any iPhone issues today!


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