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iPhone 11 Pro Max Power issues

To maintain the sleek and uniform design, Apple provided a power button at the side of the device. This correlation between the power button and the Battery is unavoidable for the perfect operation of the iPhone. The iPhone has been designed to maintain it. However, many users have complained about issues regarding issues in their power supply and other power-related errors in their iPhones.

These power issues include:

  • The Phone does not turn on
  • The battery signal doesn’t show on the completely blacked-out phone. Therefore you can not determine the problem.
  • iPhone won’t stay charged. The charge drains rapidly after disconnecting from the adapter.
  • iPhone doesn’t charge. It is stuck on the battery percentage you left it to charge on.
  • Can’t use the iPhone without keeping it on a constant power supply (eg: Connected to a wall adapter or power bank etc,)

These frustrating problems are however the most common issues found on iPhone 11 Pro max. There are some widely renowned DIY (Do it yourself) fixes available on the internet which may help the issue on your device. Such as

  • Force restarting your iPhone ( Press Volume up (+) and quickly press volume down (-) and then quickly press the power button to complete the restart process)
  • Check Your Lightning cable and adapter and see if they are functioning properly.
  • Check if there is any debris on the iPhone 11Pro Max charging porthole.
  • Limit background processes by stopping the background app refresh.
  • Try charging for 20 minutes while keeping your phone switched off.
  • Sometimes excessive battery drain can be happening due to a bug that can be resolved by a software update. So try updating your iOS to the latest version.

If none of these methods work to resolve the issues on your smartphone, you might need to get it checked by professional technicians.

Here at icarefix bd, we have dedicated and experienced technicians who specialize in repairing your iPhone 11 Pro max power issues.

Icarefix bd is an iPhone servicing center located around 4 different service points around Chittagong, Bangladesh. We provide the best iPhone servicing support in Bangladesh. We also provide our customers with benefits like no one else does. We provide our customers:

  • Free Error Diagnostics.
  • Quick servicing in as quick as 120 minutes.
  • 30-days servicing warranty on applicable services provided by ifixit bd
  • Money-back guarantee on applicable repairing services.

So if you are having power issues on your iPhone 11 Pro Max or any other issues on any other iPhone models, visit one of our 4 servicing centers. We know how important your phone is to you, so we only aim to use genuine Apple parts and accessories to fix your iPhone. We don’t compromise with our quality.


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