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iPhone 11 Pro Max Mic Issues

The new iPhone 11 Pro Max offers a set of microphones to ensure your iPhone makes the most out of the audio inputs it receives. The iPhone offers users a dual speaker and microphone to ensure the best listening experience for their users.

However, it is often reported by iPhone 11 pro max users that they are getting trouble regarding the microphones on their phones. 

The most common issues reported in Apple’s user community forum and other blogs are:

  • Low or unclear voice sounds during voice calls/ voice memos
  • Low or unclear voice on Facetime, skype, or video recording
  • Muffled or cracked sound while recording/calling using the mic
  • Siri doesn’t work/ can’t hear me/ can’t pick up commands

The iPhone 11 pro max has at least 3 different microphones in different places for the phone for different purposes.

  • At the bottom of the phone, the left speaker grill is the mic for voice calls 
  • One near your proximity sensor, used for voice commands for Siri 
  • The one at the back of your in the camera square. There is a tiny hole for the mic to pick up audio input while recording a video

Currently, your microphone issue may be caused by any of the one or all 3 microphones not working. There are some DIY (do it yourself) fixes to try before you come to a decision.

  • Make sure to use a protective cover for your phone. It doesn’t obstruct any speaker grills or mic holes
  • Clear the phone to check and make sure there isn’t any debris in there
  • Try recording your voice in a voice memo to make sure the mic works 
  • If the mic works in voice memo, make sure the app you are running has permission to use the microphone of your iPhone 11 pro max.
    go to: Settings > Privacy > Microphone and make sure the app is listed there for it to use the microphone.

If none of the fixes work for you, you may need it to be looked at by professional technicians.

Here at icarefix, we have dedicated and experienced technicians who specialize in repairing and resolving issues with your iPhone 11 pro max. icarefix has multiple service points located in Chittagong, Bangladesh. We offer quick service for your ease of access. On top of that, we provide a 30-days service warranty for applicable services provided by us. 

We ensure quality and do not compromise with it. Therefore, we use genuine Apple products to replace and repair your iPhone woes. So, visit your nearest icarefix service point today to repair your iPhone 11 pro max mic issue today. 


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