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iPhone 11 Pro Max Button Issue

The new iPhone 11 Pro Max has 3 physical buttons and 1 switch to ensure maximum accessibility to its users. The buttons and the switches are:

  • Volume Up (+) button
  • Volume down (-) button
  • Ringer Switch
  • Power Button

The newer iPhone models have discontinued the Home button, which used to serve both the purpose of a home button and a fingerprint sensor. Apple has discontinued Home Buttons since the iPhone 11 pro max models and has continued on the same policy till now. The iPhone 11 pro max has no home buttons. Instead, it has a Face ID or a face unlock feature.

Now with time, the buttons of your iPhone 11 pro max may face wear and tear and may cease to function properly. The most common issues faced regarding the buttons of smartphones are…

  • The Sound doesn’t increase/decrease when I press the volume up or down key.
  • The buttons are stuck and can’t be pressed
  • The switch doesn’t work/automatically switches between ringer and silent mode

These are the most common issues regarding the physical buttons in the iPhone. However, Apple recommends restarting the device and updating the iOS in this case. And if it still does not fix the issues, it needs to be getting looked at by professionals.

iPhone recommends using Assistive touch for the longevity of the physical buttons of the iPhone 11 pro max.

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