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iPhone 13 Mini Software Issues

The new iPhone 13 mini is one of the most elegant phones on the market, based on iOS that is a very optimized software that sits perfectly with the specifications that Apple provides on their handsets.

Initially, iPhone releases a new version of iOS and later updated it to fix and patch bugs and security weaknesses from previous versions. 

However, some users have reported common problems regarding iPhone 13 mini software which may indicate there may be a bug or some sort of error on your end that can be fixed. But the problems are unique and has to be fixed manually. Apple releases updates to fix problems that are only found on all devices.

Users in Apple’s forum reported some common problems with software issues that are listed below…

  • Battery health drops after upgrading to iOS 14.1 
  • App store crashes after upgrading.
  • iPhone freezes and doesn’t turn on 
  • Stuck on Activation screen/ stuck on loading or apple logo 
  • iPhone stuck on “Hello” screen 
  • iPhone 12 mini frequently restarts. Error 69 on iPhone update
  • Stuck in Boot/ Boot-loop issue on iPhone 13 mini

Some users have reported other problems with similar symptoms on their phones which loosely qualify under the iPhone 13 mini’s software issues. Some user thinks that the no signal/ no Wi-Fi problem falls under the “software issues” category, but it is a separate issue that requires a separate mode of service. 

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