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iPhone 13 Mini Display Replacement

Now, as your go-to phone, the iPhone 13 mini may be exposed to the hazards of the outside world, such as dropping it from your hand, water, and other forms of damage, which may lead to issues like unresponsive touch or a technical issue with the display, which may require getting your phone looked at by professionals to fix them. 

Issues you might see that give you a hint it’s time to repair your display can be: 

  • Cracked Screen (Usually requires just an upper glass replacement. Only if there’s no internal damage) 
  • Color Line (Might be a display issue that requires the entire display unit to be changed.) 
  • No Light on Display (A replacement of the display unit may be needed) 
  • Touch Issues (Can be fixed by replacing the touch mechanism only) 
  • Dead Pixel (Dark Spots on your screen; requires the display unit to be changed) 

All of the issues are fixed on the services listed below which are available at icarefix:

  • Broken Upper Glass: if your iPhone 13 mini accidentally falls from your hand and you get a crack in the upper glass. You don’t need to change the entire display unit. In that case, make sure your screen is still responsive to your touch commands; only then can you change the phone’s upper glass. 

icarefix offers Broken Upper glass replacement for your iPhone 13 mini display at a very reasonable cost!  

 Sometimes, the glass and the display seem to work, but they are unresponsive to your touch commands. 

  • Touch Replacement: if your iPhone display isn’t visibly cracked, and the display is still working but unresponsive to your touch commands, you may need to replace the touch of the iPhone 13 mini only. The latest iPhone (iPhone X and above) models have separate display and touch mechanisms. Therefore you won’t need to change your entire display unit in this case either. 

icarefix offers a Touch replacement for your iPhone 13 mini at a very reasonable cost! If none of the issues listed above apply to your iPhone 12 mini display and still have it not working properly, then you might have to replace the entire display unit. 

  • Display Replacement: If your iPhone’s screen doesn’t respond to any touch and doesn’t light up in the first place (also if the iPhone is visibly cracked), you may need to replace the display unit entirely.  

icarefix offers 3 types of display replacement services for your iPhone 13 mini if you want. You may replace the faulty display unit with the original display or other alternatives. 

Here at icarefix we have professional technicians who will take care of any problems regarding your iPhone 13 mini display at dedicated service points all over Dhaka, Bangladesh. We provide quick repair services and provide 24 months warranty on our services. We will ensure the best possible output regarding your iPhone 13 mini display issue at icarefix.

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