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iPhone 12 Pro Charging Issues

The new iPhone 12 Pro has a beautiful battery that is optimized for using it for a reasonable amount of time. However, most of the users have complained the iPhone 12 Pro charges very slowly in comparison to other smartphones on the market with almost the same range.

The Apple company, recommends that you use an Apple 18-W USB Type-C charging brick if you face a slow charging issue. Which is the default charger with iPhone 12 Pro. Apple claims this charging brick can shoot your charging time up to 50% in 30 minutes only! 

However, even with an 18-W charger, some users face issues while charging their iPhone 12 Pro. The most common issues are as follows:

  • The iPhone 12 Pro charges slowly or not at all 
  • The iPhone is not charging beyond 80 % 
  • An alert that shows that the accessory you are using to charge the iPhone is not certified or supported

These are the most reported issues for an iPhone 12 Pro with faulty charging. You may try some home fixes that may resolve the issues.

  • Try changing the wall adapter or cable 
  • Check if there is no debris or dirt in both the charging dock and the charging adapter
  • Make sure the USB is connected firmly on both ends 
  • Check the charging adapter or the lightning cable for visible signs of damage. Example: Bent pin, loose cable, etc. 
  • if you have iOS 14 or above make sure you uncheck the “optimized battery charging” option to make sure it charges beyond 80 %.
    To disable it go to: Settings > Battery > Battery Health > Optimized Battery Charging 
  • Make sure you have no damage in your charging dock if unsupported device warning shows. 

If none of the fixes seem to work for resolving your iPhone 11 pro charging issues. You may need to get it looked at by professionals.

Here at icarefix, we have dedicated and experienced technicians who have expertise in resolving issues regarding iPhones. Our ifixit bd service points are located in four different locations around Dhaka, Bangladesh.

We care about you and understand that your phone is very important. That is why we offer quick service for your ease of access. We also offer a 30-days service warranty for applicable services. 

We do not compromise with our quality. Therefore, we use genuine apple products to repair and resolve your iPhone 12 Pro charging issues. So, visit your nearest icarefix service point to resolve your iPhone 12 Pro charging issues.  


Speaker Replacement

iPhone service / iPhone 13 Pro Max

iPhone 13 Pro Max Speaker Replacement

Ear Speaker:

The new iPhone 13 Pro Max offers a new dual speaker setup to its users. Consisting of one speaker at both the top and the bottom. The top speaker is used for both audio playback and earpiece.

The earpiece or the top speaker of the iPhone 13 Pro Max the most. Because it is used as both an audio playback speaker and the earpiece of your phone while making phone calls in it.

This high level of usage can be a reason to create wear and tear on that speaker very quickly and may cause it to cease functioning properly. 

If the earpiece/ ear speaker of your iPhone 13 Pro Max stops working or produces sounds on lower levels you should check some of the factors that might be the reason behind it. Which are:

  • Check if your volume levels are in an optimum range 
  • Check if you have a noise-canceling feature on your iPhone turned on. Try turning it off and see if it returns your phone to normal audio levels. Check the settings at Settings > Accessibility > Audio/Visual > Phone Noise Cancelation. 
  • Sometimes the speaker may have debris or dirt in it. Causing it to cease properly functioning properly. Cleaning it may also resolve the issue. 

If none of the procedures resolve the issue regarding your ear speaker issue, you may need to get it looked at by professionals.

Here at icarefix, we have experienced repairmen who specialize in repairing and resolving issues regarding your iPhone 13 Pro Max. We have service points located in Dhaka, Bangladesh. 

We also offer quick service and on top of that a 30-days service warranty on applicable services. We use genuine Apple parts to repair and replace your problems with your iPhone. So, visit the best iPhone servicing center in all of Bangladesh for your iPhone 13 Pro Max today! 

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Loud Speaker:

The new iPhone 13 Pro Max offers Dual Speakers (one at the top and one at the bottom with a receiver mic) and provides users with excellent sound quality.

The iPhone 13 Pro Max has two speaker grills at the bottom of the phone. Keep in mind that one speaker grill is for the mic to catch your voice inputs for your calls and Siri. This should not be confused with a broken or damaged speaker with no audio output.

If the top or bottom speaker of your iPhone 13 Pro Max is not working, you should check something before reaching any conclusions. Check if:

  • Make sure the ringer switch is on in sound mode 
  • Check for dirt or debris on the speaker grill at the bottom and the speaker hole at the top 
  • Check your volume settings in Settings > Sound and Haptics > Ringer and Alerts > Volume Slider and make sure it’s on the optimum level. 

If there’s still an issue with not hearing anything through the speakers of iPhone 13 Pro Max or the volume levels seem too low for it may need to be repaired or replaced.

On ifixit bd, we have specialist technicians who specialize in repairing your iPhone 13 Pro Max. We have service points where you may have your phone get looked at by our expert repairmen. We are located in service points over Dhaka, Bangladesh.

We offer the best service for iPhones in Bangladesh. We offer quick service for your ease of access and also a 30-days service warranty on the repair services you receive. We also use genuine Apple parts for repairing and replacing parts of your iPhone. So, go to your nearest icarefix service center to fix your iPhone woes. 


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