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iPhone 12 Pro Charge Draining Issue

The new iPhone comes with an almost 4000 mAh battery. The battery is optimized perfectly for the phone. However, it may be for some manufacturer error or something about some faulty apps optimization, you may not get the smoothest output from your iPhone 12 Pro battery.

Most users have reported that the iPhone’s battery starts draining after the system has updated to iOS 14 Several other issues may cause battery drain issues also. These issues include:

  • The battery of the iPhone 12 Pro runs out too quickly after the update 
  • The battery of the iPhone 12 Pro runs out after installing an app/ update of an app
  • The battery of the iPhone drains quickly after turning on the optimized charging mode 
  • The iPhone Battery drains after the phone heats up too quickly 

These are the most common problems regarding battery-draining found on the internet. Your issues may be one of them or not listed! However, we recommend trying some DIY (Do it yourself) fixes that may resolve your issue.

  • Turn off background iCloud/iTunes sync to save battery by a considerable amount 
  • When not in use turn off WiFi/Cellular Data/Location/Bluetooth service in your iPhone 
  • Don’t overcharge/ Frequently charge your iPhone 12 Pro. It may reduce battery health 
  • Turn on optimized battery charging to save your battery life and protect it from draining 
  • Adjust your brightness settings in iPhone 12 Pro to auto-brightness 
  • Turn off Background app refresh
    From here: Settings > general > Background app refresh
  • Try running it on low power mode
    from here: Settings > Battery > Low power mode ON 
  • Turn off “reduce motion” to turn off aesthetic animations in your phone to save battery life might help
    Turn it off from here: Settings > General > Accessibility > Reduce Motion 

If none of the aforementioned procedures work to resolve your battery draining issues, they may need to be looked at by a professional technician to get them resolved.

Here at icarefix, we have dedicated and experienced technicians who have special expertise in repairing iPhones. Our experienced technicians are located in ifixit bd service points located in 4 different points in Dhaka, Bangladesh. 

We care about your phone and understand its importance. That’s why we offer quick service for your ease of access. We also offer a 30-days service warranty on applicable services provided by us.

We do not compromise with quality. Therefore, we focus on using genuine apple parts for replacing or repairing your iPhone 12 Pro battery draining issues. So, visit the icarefix website and locate your nearest service center to resolve your iPhone issues today.


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