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iPhone 13 Pro Max Front Camera Replacement

Some users have reported specific issues where they are not getting the desired type of photographs from the front camera of the iPhone 13 Pro Max. These complaints are mostly in the quality departments of the photograph itself and not about specific hardware or software problems regarding the front camera.

However, there have been issues regarding the front camera which can be labeled as faulty camera issues. Complaints like this are:

  • No Display/ Black Screen on camera.
  • Blurry Photos 
  • Face ID not working properly 
  • Camera not working after iOS update.
  • Degraded Photo Quality (Photos looked good before but they look bad now) 

These are some of the most common issues found on an iPhone 13 Pro Max smartphone. There are some quick fixes available for you to do at home to fix yourself. Some good initiatives include:

  • Remove any protective cases that may be metallic or have magnets. Sometimes it gets in the way of a camera’s proper functioning. 
  • Clean your lens with a microfiber cloth. Make sure not to scratch it. 
  • Try closing your voiceover settings. Available in Settings > general > accessibility > Turn off Voiceover. Some users have reported turning off voice-over helps to fix some front camera issues. 
  • If none of the methods work, you may try to reset your phone. Back up all of your personal data before doing so. 

If resetting your phone doesn’t resolve your iPhone 13 Pro Max front camera issue, you may need to get it looked at by professional technicians. 

Here in icarefix, we have professional technicians who are experienced in all technical aspects of repairing an iPhone 13 Pro Max. We have service points all over Dhaka, Bangladesh. Ifixit bd, we offer quick service, and on top of that a 30-days service warranty on applicable services that you will receive.

We are dedicated to fixing your iPhone’s problem here at icarefix. We do not compromise on quality and use genuine Apple products for repairing or replacing parts in your iPhone 13 Pro Max. Visit your nearest icarefix service point today to fix your iPhone woes! 


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