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Housing Replacement

The iPhone 14 Pro is a pretty sturdy phone considering gorilla glasses in both the front and back. However, maybe through sheer bad luck, your phone can face some catastrophic damage which may damage your iPhone. One of the most common damages in phones is cosmetic damage, such as Display glass or back glass. But sometimes the housing of your iPhone 14 Pro may get damaged. Considering it has attained some serious damage.

So if you, somehow, have managed to get your back part (housing) damaged. Damage to housing may be included.

  • The housing of the iPhone 14 Pro bent, stressed 
  • Deformation of housing 
  • Housing breaking into pieces 
  • Visible scratches and dent 
  • Loosening of the adhesive that holds the housing 

Any sort of damage or deformation on the back housing of the iPhone 14 Pro indicates that it might lead to an internal issue in the future. Also, damaged back housing may harm your inner part like the battery, display, and other peripherals of your iPhone. 

The iPhone 14 Pro is IP68 rated, which means it is water and dustproof. However, it can’t protect your phone from dust and water with damaged housing. And in that sense, the housing of the iPhone 14 Pro serves more purpose than just visual esthetics. 

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